Yacht Design

Concept Development

Concept Development
  • Client involvement, meetings and feedback
  • Confirm dimensions and principle characteristics
  • Develop Design brief
  • Initial arrangement sketches
  • Initial profile sketches
  • meetings and feedback

Laurent Giles have been Yacht Designers since 1927, and offer a complete Design service for clients, starting with Concept Design Development.

We work with the Client to establish a unique design brief which is developed by concept sketches and general arrangement ideas, feeding back to the Client at all stages, ensuring his complete involvement in the project.

Once initial ideas take shape we work towards preliminary general arrangements, profiles and deck plans before undertaking an initial 3D concept model.

Because we are Naval Architects and Designers the Client can be sure that the concept designs we develop will meet all Statutory, Class & Flag requirements.

Preliminary Design

  • Preliminary Deck Plans
  • Preliminary General Arrangement
  • Preliminary Profile
  • Principle characteristics
Preliminary Design

Once a Concept is established the next stage is to work this up in more detail. Using our preliminary naval architecture approach the principle characteristics of the design (dimensions, displacement, GT, speed, range) are established and the preliminary general arrangement, deck plans and profiles are developed.

Now the design is really starting to take shape and the Client can see details of how the arrangement will work, discuss and amend this with the Designers as the work progresses.

3D Modelling & Visualisation

3D Modelling & Visualisation
  • 3D basic models of hull and deck plans
  • 3D modelling of complex structure
  • 3D sketch views
  • Full 3D detail models and renders
  • Interior detail and deck layout models and renders

Laurent Giles offer a full 3D modelling service, which will help the Client visualise his new yacht.

This can be simple 3D ‘sketch’ models which are easy to modify and adapt as the concept design is developed, moving on to more detailed, fully rotatable models and final renderings.

Detailed Design

  • Custom details
  • Full outfit specification
  • Fully detailed builders general arrangement plans
  • Liaison with interior Designer
  • Net spaces
Detailed Design

Laurent Giles are not interior designers, but work closely with the Clients chosen interior designer to produce a full detail design package, covering builders general arrangements, profiles, deck plans, net spaces etc.

No detail is too small, from custom deck bollards to handrail details, all are covered with the Detailed Design Service from Laurent Giles.

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