Naval Architecture

Designers Technical Support

Designers Technical Support
  • 3D hull envelope
  • Class and Code compliance
  • Engineering validation for design concepts
  • Helicopter operations
  • Machinery layouts
  • Power requirements
  • Specification development
  • Speed and range calculations
  • Statutory
  • Vessel motion and comfort enhancement
  • Watertight subdivision definition
  • Weights and stability calculations

The involvement of technical support to a design concept or proposal at an early stage is essential to ensure the feasibility of the design. We work closely with Designers, integrating the Owner’s requirements and the Designer’s concepts with Statutory and Classification requirements.

We incorporate Statutory aspects such as fire, escape and stability in to the fundamentals of the Designer’s proposals as well as ensuring the Owner’s technical requirements, including speed, range and comfort are tackled at this early and critical stage of design.

Technical layouts such as the engine room are considered in this stage and are designed for function and space, ensuring minimal design changes during build.

Our support can range from initial overviews of design proposals to support throughout the design, tendering and build phase.

Preliminary Naval Architecture

  • Class and Flag compliance
  • Hull and appendage design
  • Initial parameter checks
  • Initial scantling review
  • Intact and damage stability assessment
  • Performance prediction
  • Sea keeping analysis and optimisation
  • Small scale tank testing
  • Specification development and review
  • Speed and range calculations
  • Weight estimates
Preliminary Naval Architecture

Acting on behalf of a Yard or Owner’s team the preliminary naval architecture is essential to develop the design for the Owner’s requirements or validate a design for a tendering Yards quotation process. We ensure that any contractual issues are achievable within the design documentation, general arrangement, specification and the Owner’s wishes.

Ensuring the feasibility of the project at this early stage is critical and checks on initial parameters including principal dimensions, speed, range, weight, stability, Class and Flag issues must be made to ensure a smooth start to the design process.

At this stage ensuring that the Owner’s team or Yard are confident that the foundations of the project are based on sound engineering design is extremely important.

Hull Design & Development

Hull Design & Development
  • Appendage selection
  • CFD analysis
  • Hull design and optimisation bulbous bow optimisation
  • Hull type selection
  • Large scale tank testing analysis
  • Modifications to existing hulls
  • positioning and design
  • Resistance and Performance Prediction
  • Sea keeping analysis and optimisation
  • Small scale tank testing
  • Stability optimisation

We offer bespoke hull design packages to a project’s individual requirements, from classic long keeled designs to high speed planing hulls.
Using the very latest design technology we integrate the powering, positioning and stabilising requirements into an uncompromised set of lines based on over 80 years of proven hull designs.

For refits or conversions we can modify the existing hull lines if necessary, for example an increase in length or for enhanced stability. For a new build we optimise the hull lines for stability, speed and for the specific general arrangement requirements.

Cost effective small scale tank testing can be undertaken in-house before a more substantial test program is undertaken with all results being analysed.
Whether it is a full design or partial design advice, we are on hand to impart our wealth of knowledge.

Structural Design

  • 3D modelling
  • Classification submissions and appraisal
  • Design and structural optimisation
  • Detailed structural design
  • Docking and launching calculations
  • Finite element analysis
  • First principal structural calculations
  • Global structural design
  • Midship modulus calculations
  • Still water bending calculations
  • Structural detail design
Structural Design

From global structural design to individual part design we offer an in-depth knowledge of structural design principles and practices, in metals, wood, FRP and composites.

We have extensive experience working with the leading Classification Societies; Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas, Registro Italino Navale, Det Norske Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping, we also undertake structural design to ISO 12215.

We work to produce structural designs that offer the best solution for a projects demands. Whether they be weight, performance or cost based.

We make use of the most up to date range of commercial and in-house scantling software allowing a tailored approach to each individual project.

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